Testimonial: George Balicki

Usually I’m a good judge of character. I started working out with weights at the London Central YMCA. I started at the age of sixteen and worked out at the Y for a number of years before the gym burned down to the ground. This gym produced a number of world powerlifting champions. This is where I met the killer. He seemed like a good guy. He would spot me on occasion during bench press. This would be when I would be trying a max or heavyweight reps. There would have been times when we would be the only ones in the gym during the spot. He could have easily done something during the spot that would have put me in danger. But this was not the case.

He seemed to be a good guy. 

I saw him at a bar once, where we talked, and he bought me a drink, feeling sorry for me because I would have been young and would not have much money with me. He introduced me to the group he was with. This group included a female companion. To this day, I wonder if she was a victim. Usually, I would think that problem individuals are a little strange in character or would make you feel uneasy. This was not the case with him. He seemed to be a good-looking, kind, and soft-spoken individual that was one of the boys at the gym.

The only strange thing about him was that he always wore gloves. This was strange because everyone at the gym lifted heavy. Everyone had a tub of chalk that they would use on their hands to help with the heavy lifts. But he wanted his hands clean. But besides thinking it was strange, I did not think anything more about it. When I heard that he was arrested and charged with multiple murders, I was shocked. How could someone so nice be so evil? There must have been a switch that turned him into someone so evil. How could there be such a contrast in character? Boy, did I judge his character wrong.


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